Children Under 12 Can Get Ink Fingerprints for Free!

Fingerprinting children is an important aspect of protecting your child.  We know that your child’s safety and security is very important to you. You want to be able to find your child if they get lost, to identify them in a crowd, and to have a record of your child as he or she grows into an adult. It is for these reasons that Absolute Investigative & Security Services is glad to offer free ink fingerprinting for children under the age of 12 to consenting parents. Prints are created only with the unequivocal permission of the child’s parents. Prints are not retained by us but are passed on to the parents. Absolute is proud to offer this service and to give the parents of young children some well-deserved peace of mind.






Have you ever taken on a new job or responsibility, and found your employment pending on what your potential employer called a “criminal background check”? Never fear; this is not a subtle way of denying you the position. In fact, it’s a fairly common practice for businesses to run background checks on all employees, both new and old alike.

A criminal background check involves an extensive search through multiple records and databases to identify any criminal records, sex offender records, arrest history, citizenship, litigation records, and driving records. In some cases, particularly for positions within the federal or state governments or positions which require a good deal of paid driving time, these records may influence the employer’s decision to hire you.

If you are waiting for an employer to proceed with a background check, it may take 1-4 business days. This is because the employer must take the necessary time to go through the proper legal channels to obtain your personal records, as mandated by the business or corporation that he/she serves. Positions within the federal or state governments will require a much more thorough background check, incorporating not only your criminal history, but also your travel logs, habits & practices, frequented expenses, and financial records. This particular process can take much longer; even up to a month, if there is an extensive amount of data to study. However, for a more general search, the actual background check itself can take as little as fifteen minutes for a search and fifteen minutes for compilation/organization of the results. Most of the time delay takes place when transferring the records from the facility that has searched and compiled your information to the place of your potential employment.

A criminal background check is nothing to fear. Employers want to be aware of any legal difficulties that their employees have had in the past or are having currently, so as to make the best choices for the mutual benefit of both the business and the employee. In fact, if you are asked to submit to a criminal background check shortly after a job interview, it is likely a sign that the business is interested in hiring you.

Fast Fingerprinting – No Appointment Necessary!

Save time with our fast fingerprinting services!  Do you need to get fingerprinted for a background check or security clearance at a new job?  Whatever the reason – Absolute Investigative, Fingerprinting and Security Services is the place to go!

We understand that our clients have busy schedules, so we work hard to ensure having your fingerprints taken is as quick and easy as it can be.  No one wants to spend hours waiting for 5 minutes of fingerprints and forms, and we make sure they don’t have to.

We use the latest in digital fingerprinting software and technology, to make sure we are getting the most accurate information we can.  Also, since we use a Live Scan digital fingerprinting process, your hands stay clean and ink free the entire time!

Want to call to make an appointment?  You don’t have to, because there are no appointments necessary, just make sure you stop by during our designated fingerprinting hours of operation.  If you need to get your fingerprints done, you can just walk in to any of our Fingerprinting locations in Towson, Bel Air, or Berlin and you will be in and out!

What is Live Scan Fingerprinting?

Livescan fingerprintingFingerprinting has been one of, if not the most, widely accept method of verifying someone’s identity for years.  Usually, you would press your fingers one by one onto an ink pad, then press them again, one by one, onto a sheet of paper.  This would leave an ink imprint of each of your unique fingerprints, which would then be sealed in an envelope and sent off to a database that contains “official” fingerprints.  It would then be compared to your fingerprints on file to verify that you are, in fact, who you claim to be.  This process could usually take anywhere from 1 week to 1 month (sometimes longer depending on the work-ethics of the employees taking, handling, and verifying the fingerprints).

We are currently living in a time where technology is always advancing.  We read our books, check our mail, do our shopping, and even take classes digitally on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, and frankly, we think these ink and paper fingerprints are outdated!  This is where Live Scan comes into play.

Live Scan is a digital, “inkless” fingerprinting process that allows your fingerprints to be taken digitally and immediately sent electronically and compared to the database where your official fingerprints are stored (whether that be to the FBI, Department of Justice, or other agency authorized to view and check them).  The obvious advantages to this are that there is no meed to dirty your fingers with black ink, no need to waste paper, and it cuts the verification time down significantly because it is sent to the database instantly over the internet.  Most Live Scan fingerprinting results come back within 24-72 hours.

It also reduces the chance for error (whether it be human or mechanical) that the ink fingerprinting process had.  The fingerprinting professional could make a mistake during the process, the person being fingerprinted could have incorrectly followed instruction, or the person checking the fingerprints could have done something wrong, let’s not forget, they’re only human!

Almost all of the fingerprinting agencies, law enforcement groups, and government departments associated with fingerprinting have switched to the Live Scan method.  It is more trustworthy, and cost-efficient in most cases.  If you, personally, are in need of fingerprinting, and want to check this Live Scan out for yourself, check out our Fingerprinting Services.

New Location in Bel Air, MD!

Absolute Investigative, Fingerprinting and Security Services – Bel Air.In case our visitors didn’t know, we recently opened a second Absolute office at a separate location, in Bel Air, MD.  You can find the address, contact information, a map, and directions on our

In case our visitors didn’t know, we recently opened a second Absolute office at a separate location, in Bel Air, MD.  You can find the address, contact information, a map, and directions on our contact page.

Our headquarters in Towson is still very much up and running, and you can visit either location for any of our investigation, security, or fingerprinting services.  Now you don’t have to drive all the way to Towson if you live in or around the Bel Air area in Maryland!  Our hours of operation for the Bel Air location are as follows :

  • Monday : 9:30A.M. – 4:30P.M.
  • Wednesday : 9:30A.M. – 4:30P.M.
  • Friday : 9:30A.M. – 4:30P.M.

Be sure to stop by if you need fingerprinting, security services, or private investigation!