Hire a Private Security Guard Service or In-house Security – Which Is Best for Your Business?

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You want to keep your business safe and secure so customers feel comfortable and your investments are protected. You can use Absolute Investigative, Fingerprinting, and Security Services or a Private security guard service and in-house security staff can both handle this job, but you have a few things to keep in mind when deciding which is best for your company.

In-house Security

Your first thought may be to hire security staff directly for your business. The usual logic is that you have better control over a person who is directly employed by you, compared to an outside service. However, you run into a number of logistical concerns that can quickly make this route a problem over the long term.

The first question is whether you know what makes a good security guard. A person’s resume might look great, but that doesn’t provide you with insight into the particular characteristics that make someone capable of being vigilant while looking over your property. Do your business policies and training materials cover what you expect out of a security guard and the acceptable actions to take in the event of a break-in or another problem?

Once you do hire someone, you’re also responsible for providing the equipment they need to do their job and handling all the overhead associated with an in-house employee. The payroll taxes and other money you pay on top of their wage can put a dent in your budget.

Finally, if you want to have an armed security guard, you have to face questions about liability and whether you would handle the weapon purchase and policy. For many business owners, this is a responsibility they don’t want to add into the mix.

Private Security Guard Service

A private security guard service comes fully equipped and trained, with extensive experience in many situations. You don’t have to worry about any overhead payments associated with these guards. Instead, you simply pay the negotiated price with the private security company and end up with plenty of room in your business budget that you can use elsewhere.

You also gain the flexibility of bringing in security guards on the schedule that makes the most sense for you. An in-house guard always has set hours, and if you have them on for full-time work, you could end up with a lot of time that is spent sitting idle. If you try to hire someone for sporadic, as-needed work, you probably won’t get access to high-quality talent that’s capable of protecting your business as if it was their own.

One of the other advantages of a private security guard service is that you can get access to off-duty and retired police officers. These guards have been through countless stressful situations and know how to handle anything that comes their way. Plus, you have the added peace of mind that comes from having a law enforcement officer close at hand should something go wrong, even if it doesn’t directly relate to their security duties.

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that many businesses need security guards for protection against people who have malicious intentions. While an in-house employee may seem like the right idea at first, the advantages of a private guard service tip the scales overwhelmingly in that direction.



Security Guard Companies – Top Security for Your Business Isn’t Top Secret

security guard companiesSecurity guard companies can make a huge difference for your company or organization. The secret to security for your business doesn’t need to be kept behind a locked door, only to come out when you have a big event or a local disturbance.

You can have 24-hour security and a wealth of other services by hiring a reputable, licensed security guard company. Not only will you be putting your business security into the hands of the professionals, you’ll have the confidence that comes with knowing you’ve done the best for your business, your products and your employees. Ensuring their safety, your own and your businesses, using devices such as cameras and also camera accessories, which goes great with other forms of protection.

In addition to the real services offered by security guard companies, you will enjoy the intangibles of that sense of protection, the knowledge that you’re being proactive and taking preventative measures. The tangibles that a full-service security guard company like Absolute Investigative Services can provide include:

  • 24-hour security – On-site or monitored off-site, but it will be 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Armed or unarmed guards – Just the presence of an armed guard can deter criminals. Even seeing an unarmed guard at the door or on the property is intimidating enough that the amateur offender will give up and choose an easier target. Guards on-site also make employees and visitors feel safer. They can walk people to their cars in deserted parking lots and look out for strangers on the property.
  • Marked and unmarked security vehicles – Security guard presence at your business means business. A deterrent, it is also a silent sign citing, “this is a safe work place.”
  • Radio communication with patrol cars – For peace of mind, you can have the capability to communicate with patrol cars on your premises.
  • Executive protection – Think “body guard,” but more subtle. These guards can be uniformed or plain-clothed, but their sole mission is to keep their assigned person safe. They enter rooms ahead of the subject, they check out the situation, their eyes are always moving, anticipating, preparing.
  • Handling crimes – A security guard company can also be there to handle any crimes that do occur. They will make your job easier and they know the protocol to make sure the perpetrator comes to trial.


Professional Security Guard Service and Your Business: A Safe Combination

professional-security-guardConsidering hiring a professional security guard service?  From knowing the combination of the office safe to keeping your employees and your property protected, maintaining security can be a full-time job.  It can also seem like a big expense.  It’s a little like insurance coverage – if you have insufficient security and there’s a breach, the expense will be even greater.  It could cost you your business, or worse yet, a life.

Hiring a professional security guard service can actually save your business money.  How?

First, a professional security guard service will provide you with a safety plan that they will implement, so you don’t have to.  Instead of trying to monitor security, you can go back to doing what you do best – running your business.

Next, simply the presence of a professional security guard service on the premises can be a deterrent for thieves, vandals or shoplifters.  While video surveillance cameras are a good investment, the sight of a uniformed guard monitoring those cameras sends a clear message to wrong-doers.   Their actions are not only caught on camera, someone is actually watching the video and can take immediate action, including physically going after the criminal.  Because most people will do things the easy way, the presence of the security guard has just deterred the lazy criminal.  Incidents of on-site pilfering or vandalism that cost you money in inventory or repairs will be significantly reduced.  In addition, the guard’s presence is reassuring to employees and visitors.

Outsourcing your security needs also saves your company money because you don’t have to interview, hire and train one or more employees, or pay salary and benefits.  You get professionally trained, experienced guards who know how to react in all security situations.  This experience can make all the difference in the event of an emergency.

Partnering with a professional security guard service allows you the flexibility of calling for added or new security any time you feel it’s necessary.  In short, it’s a safe combination.


Security Guard vs. Security Officer : Is There a Difference?

Do you know the difference between a security guard vs. a security officer? Most people think that a security guard and security officer are two words for the same thing. Completely untrue, they are very different occupations. Both of them do share the same objective in their work, and that is to keep something secure, or protect it. However, the pay, responsibility, requirements, and experience may vastly differ.

Security Guards

A security guard, unlike officers, are the lower ranking of the two. Usually, a security guard would work under a security officer, and would not be required to have as much experience in the field as an officer. They may only have to pass entry level fitness and IQ tests, and typically get paid less than an officer. Also, a security guard is usually positioned at one location to stand guard, report suspicious activity, and provide information to customers or visitors at places like museums, stores, outdoor events, and much more.

Security Officers

Security officers most commonly give orders to or manage a group of security guards, and generally oversee their operations. They also train security guards sometimes, since they usually have more experience in the field. While they enjoy a higher pay scale, they are also given more responsibility and are required to have more experience than a guard. Also, unlike a security guard, an officer is more mobile, and isn’t usually “stationed” at one location. He or she may travel to all the different places their guards are positioned at to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Both a security officer and a guard are important jobs and should be given to trusted, licensed, professional applicants. If your business has inadequate security then people who get harmed due to this have to right to go to a firm like Hardison & Cochran for legal help. This is why security is important at your business. If you’d like to learn more about security guards or officers, or need to enlist some security professionals, check out our security guard services.

Do I Need a Bodyguard? – Reasons for Executive Protection


Bodyguard.  Most people think that protection services are only for celebrities, politicians and the Pope.  While that is still the case, personal protection services are not out of reach for the average citizen.   Companies like ours, that offer affordable and professional executive protection and bodyguard services, it is easy for anyone who needs protection to receive it without paying an exorbitant fee.  Do you believe you need a bodyguard?  Here are some reasons why someone may feel the need to hire protection services :

1.) The obvious, first reason, is if you are famous.  Popular artists, actors, politicians and pretty much anyone who has any power or fame usually have one if not many bodyguards for protection.  Often fame can be accompanied by aggressive fans which is why executive protection can be a necessity for celebrities.

2.) If you handle or transport large amounts of money or high-value items, you may consider hiring a bodyguard. The bodyguard would stay with you at all times, and keep a close watch on all of your surroundings, making sure there are no “suspicious characters”, etc.

3.) If you were the target of a great deal of attention, this may also be a reason to think about getting some personal security.  As an example, if you just won the local lottery or if you witnessed or have been involved in a large crime or scandal, a bodyguard may become a necessity.

4.) Some people even consider hiring close personal protection for business trips they make.  When traveling outside of the country, or going to some business meetings, the services of a protection specialist may be called upon.  5.) Divorces and domestic disputes/violence are another reason our protection services are used, unfortunately.  Sometimes when spouses split up, it isn’t that pretty.  One or the other may enlist the services of a personal security expert if the other has threatened to harm them.  A bodyguard would most likely oversee all visits the two would have with each other over the period of the divorce (moving belongings to new residences, etc.) to make sure everything runs smoothly.

5.) Divorces and domestic disputes/violence are another reason our protection services are used.  Sometimes when spouses split up, it isn’t that pretty.  One or the other may enlist the services of a personal security expert if the other has threatened to harm them.  A bodyguard would most likely oversee all visits the two would have with each other over the period of the divorce (moving belongings to new residences, etc.) to make sure everything runs smoothly.

There are numerous reasons why any one of us would need a bodyguard, and if you fall into any of these categories, or think you may need personal protection for a completely different reason, please feel free to contact us today to set up a consultation.