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Personal Injury Private Investigator in Maryland

by | Apr 12, 2020 | Investigative

Insurance fraud is rampant in the United States and according to a recent study, personal injury fraud claims account for between $5.6 billion and $7.7 billion annually.  This significant amount of fraudulent claims accounts for between 13 – 17% of personal injury claims annually.

In some cases, these claims net the fraudsters millions of dollars.  Often, smaller claims are settled out of court as a nuisance claim without investigation.  However, filing a fraudulent personal injury claim can result in serious consequences.  If discovered, the recipient of the ill-gotten gains may be forced to pay back the funds and could be responsible for punitive damages as well as criminal charges.

Absolute Investigative Services works with employers and insurance companies to help uncover the truth behind insurance claims.  The team at Absolute Investigative is experienced in art and science of surveillance to determine if the claim is legitimate or if the injuries are being faked or exaggerated.

There are two major types of personal injury fraud.

Soft Fraud

This is the most common type of personal injury insurance fraud and occurs when the “victim” makes an exaggerated claim such as a neck injury.

Hard Fraud

is another type of fraud and is often referred to as premeditated personal injury fraud.  This deliberate fraud typically involves causing an accident to occur in order to gain financially from the personal injury claim.

Personal Injury fraud are very costly to companies and individuals that are involved in the claim.  Thus, it is paramount that your interests are protected.  Hiring a personal injury private investigator can help you get the facts you need to win your case.  A PI can uncover discrepancies in the claimants behavior that point to a fraudulent claim.  A PI can use surveillance techniques, personal interactions, interviews, and other legal avenues to uncover the truth.

Hiring a personal injury private investigator can save thousands of dollars in insurance and legal fees.  At Absolute Private Investigative Services, we use state-of-the-art equipment and industry best practices to provide around the clock surveillance.  Contact us to learn more about our expert fraud investigation services.


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