Adultery: When To Investigate A Cheating Spouse

Do you need to investigate a cheating spouse? Is he using apps like mobile login to find hookups? As a significant other, you have the advantage and of knowing your partner better than anyone else ever could. So if you notice behavioral changes or patterns in your partner that simply don’t sit right with your relationship, you have every right to be suspicious about them. However, it’s never advisable to make an accusation without any proof! A private investigator’s responsibility is to help you work through any confusion and paranoia you may face and to provide you with the truth. If you believe you have a cheating spouse, when is the right time to launch a formal investigation?

investigate a cheating spouse


1) My Partner Wants More Personal Space

  • Your significant other was once your best friend. However, the same person now refers to you as “clingy” or “overbearing”. If he or she has now ceased to treat you with any kind of significance, it could be a sign that they are filling your role with someone else. Ask yourself- has my partner stopped confiding in me? Has my partner become emotionally distant? When was the last time we had a mutual discussion about how we were feeling?

2) My Partner Is Working More Often

  • If your partner has suddenly been consumed by work or hobbies that routinely keep them away from you, it could be that something or someone else is occupying their time. These tasks or hobbies will often be kept deliberately vague; if your partner cannot (or will not) go into extensive detail about them, it may be cause for concern.

3) My Partner has Become Very Secretive

  • If your significant other will not allow you to look at their emails, photos, or text messages, there’s a better-than-average chance that they are trying to bury something before you get a chance to see it. This is a key indicator that something may be going on behind your back.

4) My Partner has Become More Aggressive

  • A significant other who is cheating will be on the defensive at all times. If you’ve noticed a sharp increase in the number of arguments between the two of you, it could be that your partner is inadvertently overcompensating for the guilt or fears that they may be feeling.


These are some of the most prominent signs of trouble in paradise. Some other signs of note could be that your partner is investing more time in their personal appearance, your partner cannot explain a change in the finances, your partner is no longer engaging with you sexually, or is no longer satisfied with the sexual encounters you share, or that your partner has ceased to wear his or her wedding ring.

If you have noticed any of these warning signs in your relationship, you may have a cheating spouse, and it may be prudent to bring an investigator into the equation. Your heart is the most valuable gift that you can give to someone; you deserve to know whether it is being taken care of or taken for granted.

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