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Private Investigators for Attorneys

by | Mar 5, 2019 | Investigative

Even the most skilled and experienced attorney may experience challenges staying on top of all the work that they are handling. When working across a multitude of cases, there are times that an attorney may find it useful to hire a private investigator to gather the case-making facts needed to present to the court.


Criminal defense investigation: Knowledgeable and skilled private investigators for attorneys take the time to understand the charges and laws associated crimes related to a case. The PI can review all of the details of a case that the defense has received from the prosecutor’s office.

The private investigator can review police reports, evidence, and witness statements to determine the accuracy and discrepancies throughout the case.

The private investigator may interview witnesses or recreate crime scenes to help ferret out the truth.


Hiring a private investigator helps ensure a fair and level playing field and provides the defendant with a neutral and impartial investigator to gather and assess the facts so that they can be presented for the defendant’s defense.


There are seven ways we can assist an attorney:

1. Witness location: If you need to find a witness to interview, or need assistance with serving, or investigating someone, an investigator can help you succeed.

2. Locate Assets: We are experts at locating real estate, bank accounts, and other valuable property.

3. Negotiation Leverage: We locate sources and gather intelligence to aid your end of litigation, and uncover facts regarding any adversarial situation which may impact a favorable settlement.

5. The Complete Background: We can help you know who may be behind the corporation on the other side of a business deal.

6. Trial Prep: We can provide a detailed report regarding all potential witnesses and principles involved in an upcoming trial. The report will include facts regarding background, behaviors and strengths and weaknesses.

7. History: we can provide a report detailing the history of a family to assist in locating heirs or a corporate data as needed.


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