Some Safety Tips If You Are Shopping This Holiday Season


The Holiday Season is here and time to think about safety.  The malls, shopping centers, and toy stores are the busiest they will be all year.  This also means that the amount of robberies and crimes that occur around these places increases with their business.  Parking lot robberies happen in malls and parking garages more than anywhere else, so it is important to be informed of what to do in case you are involved in one.  Here are some safety tips if you plan on doing some Holiday shopping this year :

1.) Bring a friend!  If you don’t have a husband or wife, try to find a friend of yours who also needs to get some shopping done, and ask them to accompany you.  This way you don’t have to walk to your car alone when you are leaving with all of the presents you just bought for your friends and family.  There’s safety in numbers!

2.) Wallets are replaceable!  If you do encounter a criminal in the parking lot or garage, and they ask for your wallet or your shopping bags, give it to them!  Even if you think you are bigger or can overpower the robber, there’s no telling what he could resort to.  Also, when you do give this person whatever they are asking for, do not hand it to them.  Toss it away from you so that you have time to run to your car when he or she is going for that, chances are they’re more interested in that than you.

3.) Take Escalators/Elevators, No Stairwells!  You should always take the elevator or escalator instead of stairwells.  While it is a better workout, walking up and down the stairs, they are horrible places to be alone in, and a lot of crimes take place in them, especially at night.

4.) Pay attention!  When you are walking back to your car, be vigilant.  Look at your car, if there is anyone sitting in any of the cars parked near your car, be aware of them.  Always look under your car to make sure there is no one under it as well.  It is always better to be safe than sorry.

5.) Don’t hang around!  When you do get back to your car, leave.  Some people have a tendancy to sit in their car for a little and maybe check what they got or  balance their checkbook, but it’s a bad idea.  This is the perfect opportunity for someone to get in your car and cause trouble for you.

We hope these safety tips help you out during this Holiday Season.

Do I Need Security Guards for my Business?

Security GuardsCurious if you need security guards for your business?  Are you a successful business owner? Awesome. Let’s ask you a few questions then.  Do you or your managers handle large amounts of cash at some point during the day or week?  Is your business open in the evening or located in a part of the community that is typically associated with crime?  Do you own your own building or business property

These questions any successful business owner should ask themselves.  You work hard to maintain your business or organization, so why not make sure it is as protected as it can be?  Yeah, sure, insurance would cover if there was any kind of robbery or break-in, but why let it get to that point?

Here at Absolute Investigative, Fingerprinting and Security Services, we understand that not every business or store is located in the best community.  We also understand that sometimes completely unexpected break-ins happen in even the nicest of communities.  Basically, the world is unpredictable, so why not be ready for whatever it may bring you?

We offer professional and high quality security services to all of our clients.  This includes armed or unarmed security guards, secret shopper services, surveillance (video or using a private detective), and much more.  If you’ve been wondering what’s going on with the midnight crew, or worried about a suspicious group that’s been hanging out in the parking lot after dark, let us do the wondering and worrying for you.

We can have security guards at your residence, institution, organization, or business as soon as possible after we assess what needs to be protected and how many officers you will need.  Our security team is licensed and insured through the state of Maryland, and we have many years of security experience, so we know exactly what measures need to be taken to keep your property safe.